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The good news is though, Kim’s mother was able to surprise and visit her last August 14 (Kim’s birth day) – that was her wish this year and she instantly got what she wished for.

Artista Salon also sponsored a free hair makeover and facial to the residents, they also awarded start-up packages to 10 single mom beneficiaries.

Clarissa Ocampo was born in the Philippines to a concert pianist mother and an obstetrician father who sang opera as a hobby.

She graduated from high school in 1986, and planned to attend college in the United States until the People Power Revolution against the Marcos regime took place.

She stressed that all babies are a blessing from God and asked each one of the moms to care and love their child with all their hearts. I kinda’ understand where Kim’s emotion last Wednesday is coming from.

She can’t really physically be with her family all the time and as much as she wanted to because of her work, it’s really a big sacrifice on her part.

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With no questions asked, no deposit required for board and lodging, and no social standing asked for.As a result, she enrolled as a pre-medical student at a local university.During this time, she decided to transfer to the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music.WINNER "Best Female Classical Performer", Aliw Awards 2013.