Consolidating society

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Those individuals who attended included Glenn Marshall Jr., Roger L.

According to the Jacksonville Historical Society, the city "became the largest city in land area in the entire world", a distinction it eventually yielded to Juneau, Alaska.

It was a friend of mine who worked as trusted man of someone high up in shipping who told me that MARINA has set it just to 30 or 35% load for a container ship to be profitable.

I was aghast by that because that will mean terrible inefficiency and high rates for the shippers.

Other elected officials attempted to pass zoning changes or sign long-term government contracts for their cronies.

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It occurs when stress is applied to a soil that causes the soil particles to pack together more tightly, therefore reducing its bulk volume.

A grand jury indicted 11 officials on 142 counts of bribery and larceny including: Claude Yates had recently retired as Vice President and General Manager of Southern Bell in Jacksonville and been named president of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce in 1964 when all 15 public high schools lost their accreditation. Jacksonville became the second consolidated government in the state of Florida and one of ten in the nation.

On January 19, 1965 Yates called a lunch meeting of the chamber at the Robert Meyer Hotel to decide on a course of action.

That was twenty years ago and in that same time span our local shipping industry has been under attack for very high rates and it has been pointed out that from Davao it is much cheaper to send a container van to Hongkong or Singapore which are much farther than Manila.

But even after two decades there has been no change in the situation of the industry.The soil which had its load removed is considered to be overconsolidated.Through the 1960s, Jacksonville, like most other large cities in the US, suffered from the effects of urban sprawl, including corruption scandals. All land in Duval County is considered part of Jacksonville except the four independent municipalities of Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Baldwin, although residents of these towns vote in city elections and are eligible for other services. Jacksonville celebrated with a parade and fireworks that attracted 200,000 spectators.