Dating code of conduct

03-Feb-2020 09:56

Setting the Standard is available online in an interactive format, and can also be accessed on mobile devices for easy reference.

PDF versions of the Code can be downloaded in sixteen different languages: Our Supplier Code of Conduct, referenced in the ethics clause of all new purchase orders, expresses the expectations we hold for our suppliers, and mirrors the standards we set for our own employees, Board of Directors, and other business associates.

Our integrity and reputation depend on our ability to do the right thing, even when it’s not the easy thing.

The Code of Conduct is a collection of rules and policy statements intended to assist employees and directors in making decisions about their conduct in relation to the firm’s business.

The College is empowered to make rules for the proper conduct of students and to establish penalties for failure to comply with the faculty’s regulations or for failure to conform to those laws and standards of conduct by which the larger community safeguards individual rights and social order.

Students must respect the rights of others, their persons and their possessions, and refrain from any disturbance to the peace of the College or the community around it.

The College will hold students responsible if they fail to maintain good conduct on the campus or elsewhere.

The Compliance Committee periodically recommends updates to the Code of Conduct, which are approved by the Board.It details the high expectations we set for employee behavior, from our commitment to good citizenship to our zero-tolerance policy on corruption.And, it serves as the most basic building block for future success.For students to profit from living and working together, they must respect the rights of other members of the community in which they live and work—a community which includes students, members of the faculty and staff of the College, and other residents of Williamstown.