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John Drew, Who Knew Obama at Occidental, is Interviewed.Says Obama was an Ardent Marxist/Leninist, Who Wanted the Working Class to Overthrow the Gov't and to Implement a Socialist Utopia - Interview (Skip to Halfway Point)- Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), which is Closely Tied to the Socialist International and the Communist Party USA, Admits on Video that Barack Obama was a Featured Speaker at a Socialist Event Organized by the Democratic Socialists, University of Chicago Young Democratic Socialists and the University of Chicago Young Democrats. Sotoreo, to Admit to Your Associations with Murderous Communist Terrorists, as well?There were many more: “Nollywood has gone haywire”, “Pornography takes over Nollywood”, etc. I happened to be chatting with friend and blogger Sugabelly, when one of us mentioned is one of the so-called pornographic movies that Nollywood had apparently started releasing.

Manufacturers complain that soaring electricity prices are forcing production out of Ontario and giving Mexico and other countries a competitive advantage.

On average, Canadian telcos make around per month per mobile subscriber, compared to less than per month per subscriber in the U. The average American mobile subscriber uses twice as much data per month as the average Canadian.

Introduce unlimited data or risk ‘downward spiral’Telecoms may believe that they can make up for low data usage by charging more for data, but that could lead to a “downward spiral where operators alienate customers [and] find that their mobile behaviour is more and more Wi-Fi centric,” the report said.“One could expect that the fastest growth — relative to the usage level — would be seen in low usage countries.

Following Mother’s Day , today is the International Day of Families.

The family is an integral part of the socialisation of an individual.

Having taken to drama and obtaining the lead role in a production of , Nyong'o also returned to Mexico during her teens to learn Spanish.