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I didn’t find out about the marriage rumors until after the breakup.” Minnie and Gary seemed to end things on decent terms, so are the two still friends?

Minnie told us, “My relationship with Gary is that there isn’t one!

I haven’t spoken or seen him since the breakup.” We love Minnie and are saddened to hear about everything with Gary, but we know that she will meet the man of her dreams soon…

Real Housewives of Vancouver sweetheart Mary Zilba has a new asset to brag about.

Despite going on several dates with the Real Housewife, however, Wilson told the Calgary Herald this week that he is still "happily single."In a cover story published March 6, Zilba told the West Ender newspaper that she’s ready to settle down. This week, Wilson tweeted out a few teasers for the season finale, and coyly suggested he planned to tune in for the big reveal.“I am going to watch #RHOV tomorrow night - just to see if anything interesting happens - that doesn't involve drama or purses. In case it isn’t obvious, Wilson doesn’t seem to be a fan of Zilba’s show and might not be the most supportive potential partner on the planet.

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“I actually broke things off with Gary because I had no feelings towards him”, Minnie told us; “There was a gut feeling that he wasn’t the one.

“This one’s a billionaire, the other ones are millionaires.”Rumours of Zilba and Wilson’s blossoming relationship have been circulating on Canadian gossip blogs since the fall.

They’ve been sighted at a charity fundraising cruise, a Calgary fashion show and a Canucks game. I don’t know, I’m a better girlfriend than a date,” she said.

So if you’re in the dating scene, how do you find someone who cares more about becoming self-reliant, rather than becoming a professional spender?

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I’ll admit it, I’m good at both, but here are some things to consider: There are tonz of forums, Facebook groups, and preparedness communities out there if you just go looking!Let me just add a quick disclaimer – If you’re already married, I’m not suggesting ditching your spouse for a prepared one!We can talk later about getting your spouse on board if you’re interested, or you can check out some of these posts on the subject: Ok, I just had to get that out-of-the-way first!Meanwhile Missé, a half-Swedish, half-Albanian model, announced her divorce from her husband late last month after just two years of marriage to the Danish-born Preston goalkeeper.