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It was never a question of whichever side wins gets a database.But after over 3 weeks, what surprised me is that there truly are a lot of Hot Iron fans out there, and they like the idea so much they outvoted Rape fans.With Zortam Mp3 Media Studio you can batch auto tag your Mp3 files using Zortam database.Batch auto tag process download Cover Art, Lyrics and other metadata and automatically tags your Mp3 files.That tells me that such a database is a worthwhile project. It doesn't mean that a Rape Database is a dead idea. ---------------------- Elkcreek: Thanks for the mini-review of . BTW, when I was adding it I discovered that Giga changed their website and wiped out all the previous links we had before on the Giga titles, so I had to go back and add new buy links for all the previous Giga movies that had reviews. The link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.We had one before, and I'm much further along on that project than the other one. The reason isn't in our Torture Rack Database is because it doesn't qualify as either a rack scene or a suspension scene. Have we not all explored our real feelings and attitudes through imagination and fantasy? In the realm of BDSM and GIMP action I have determined future experiences, both for myself and others, by sharing my fantasies with those others and having them share theirs with me. movie JJ and Jane made some years ago, when they first began living together, is a good example of fantasy meeting reality.Program identifies your music, using advanced digital fingerprinting technology, automatically downloads missing Album Art, Lyrics and other track info including Artist, Genre, Year, Track Name, Track Number.

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