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21-Apr-2020 00:40

Be aware that, despite the fancy crests and legalese, there is no such company at this address For many years Nigerian criminals have targeted people around the world with stories about liberating millions of dollars, once the property of a toppled dictator or a deceased expatriot.They used to fax but they have now discovered e-mail and can reach more potential marks.He explains that, in order to liberate the supposed millions, the mark must pay a commission fee up front.Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever.If you or someone else is in immediate danger or risk of harm dial 999 now.

They suggest that you provide your name, mailing address and phone number so that they can contact you.

This makes fraudulent actions much more successful, and it allows the person to continue to make illegal money in the future.