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01-Sep-2020 09:42

Whether you watch it because you love the drama, think they'll actually find love, make fun of it or just love to analyze the deeper societal issues, it is one of America's favorite guilty (or not-so-guilty) pleasures.

You might even be dating someone who is obsessed with it—lucky you! Sorry, it just never ends…except for August to December, when Monday nights just aren't the same. What do you mean we’re not taking a romantic helicopter ride to a hot tub in the middle of nowhere for date night?

The first season of the teen drama television series South of Nowhere originally aired on The N in the United States from November 4, 2005 to February 3, 2006.

The season consisted of 11 episodes, all of which aired on Friday nights.

Shout-out to my amazing boyfriend for putting up with my love for this show. Well at least we're not doing a group wedding photo shoot for our first date.

To all the Sean Lowe’s weekly Twitter commentary is pure gold. Yeah for a two-hour show, there's a lot to talk about, I know. "Yes, I will accept this rose, thank you." Plus after all these seasons, she'll probably know many, many ways of expressing her love.

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Actress Mandy Musgrave had originally auditioned for the role of Spencer Carlin.

It was the first series on The N to deal with such a subject relating to the primary characters.