Unit dating controversy

20-Feb-2020 16:54

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”Ignoring the old UNIT dating controversy [where stories made in the 1970s were set in the near future], I think it’s fair to say that in the 70s they could easily have detected something that size via standard military radar sweeps once it was in the atmosphere over the British Isles or nearby parts of Europe and the Atlantic – but at a typical re-entry speed that would probably give you a few minutes or tens of minutes warning at most.

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Of course, she could be a Zygon, but my money is on something much more terrifying — a military leader who isn’t afraid to compromise her morals if it keeps Earth safe and who, if she is to be believed, accidentally butt-dials the Doctor.

They've never been much for each other's Play-Doh headed company before now, but if you've got a army that churns out hundreds of millions on a conveyer belt, then you'd bloody better use them because a couple of B-list grunts in a golf ball simply doesn't cut it anymore.