Updating excel links

30-Jan-2020 07:05

On the other hand, you can also press Ctrl A to select everything in your document and then press F9. Click the 'Microsoft Office' button on the top left and click the 'Excel Options' button. From the 'General' group, clear the 'Ask to update automatic links' check box. Details Destination workbook is a workbook that contains the link and the workbook that is linked to is called the source workbook.This solution works fairly well except that when our employees keep their workbooks open for extended periods of time, they occasionally forget to update their links and end up making decisions based on obsolete data.Could a macro be used to update our workbook links automatically on a periodic basis?

If you've moved or renamed your source workbook, however, you need to update the link manually by directing Excel to the source's new location.If another user has changed a value in a cell, Microsoft Office Excel does not look for the new value unless you tell it to.To update the links, on the Trust Bar, click Options, and then click Enable this Content.Submit a question Do you have technology questions for this column?