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05-Mar-2020 09:14

alter table t enable row movement; I did not understand what is meant by "enable row movement".

I cannot drop the partitions and recreate it after updating the table and also i don't have proper priviliges for enale row movement syntax because of the lack of privileges.

For example, if I have a table that has a partition key: Can I move a row from the first partition to the third partition by changing the Sample ID from 1 to (say) 500,000?

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Jane nods and asks her visitors where they want to start.I would think that this would be a fairly simply question, but I've actually had a difficult time finding an answer for this.The question: Can you move rows of data within a partitioned table from one partition to another by simply updating the partition column so that it crosses the partition boundary?The newer partitions—accessed most often—are stored in the TSFAST tablespace, which is on very fast, expensive storage, whereas the older partitions—accessed less frequently—are stored in the TSSLOW tablespace on slower, less expensive storage.

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At the end of each month, the DBAs move the previous month’s partition to the TSSLOW tablespace to make room for the new month on the TSFAST tablespace.

The table has a global index on the transaction ID (TRANS_ID) column and a local index on the account number (ACC_NO) column.