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Will and Amy are dressed modestly by comparison, though Amy's wearing just bikini-like underwear.We see a girl lift up her shirt, revealing a hairy stomach and, presumably, her breasts (which are mostly obscured by "Girls Gone Wild" signage). Phil" tries to seduce a bevy of women, calling them "lesbians" and "whores" when they walk away from him.This season was also the last of two seasons that aired Saturday Night Live-style clip show episodes: Mad TV's Sexy, Dirty Politics (a collection of the show's most outrageous past and present political sketches), Mad TV's Best of Holiday Sketches Spectacularly Special Spectacular (a collection of Christmas-themed sketches), and Mad TV: The Best of Michael Mc Donald (a collection of sketches featuring Michael Mc Donald's greatest celebrity impersonations and recurring characters).

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Though plans for this did not come to fruition, Cartoon Network's MAD series and Comedy Central's Key & Peele are considered by some to be unofficial spin-offs, and the show would briefly return for an eight-episode fifteenth season nearly seven years after the series finale on FOX.

A Zac Efron type belts out a line about the Catholic priest who molested him as a child, just as said priest shows up and grabs the fellow's rear.