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06-Aug-2020 07:02

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Guest: Shewanda Riley is a Dallas-based author and media professional who has worked as a News Director, producer and on-air talent for radio stations in Dallas, Texas and for the Armed Forces Network.She is currently a correspondent for Sheridan Broadcasting Network.Before delving too deeply into paranoia, you have to learn the difference between being nice and being flirtatious.For example, if you are at dinner and your man asks for the waitress’ name with a smile on his face, he’s just being a nice and polite guy.If it relates to the single lifestyle, we bring it to you here! John Gray, and is now the Regional Training Director for Mars & Venus in the Workplace in the Boston area.Guest: Joyce Dolberg Rowe, a popular professional psychotherapist and relationship expert. She is the author of "How to Find Your Soulmate," which will direct you along the path to a long-term loving relationship with the right partner.However, if you see him engaging in an in-depth conversation with her, whether it’s at the table with you or when he heads off for a bathroom break, he may be flirting. Be it a text or Facebook message, crossing boundaries into the digital world also counts as flirting.It may be hard to get your hands on digital proof without being a snoop and possibly incurring his wrath, if you are found out.

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Topping the list of flirting signals was a playful smile, with thirty per cent of commuters saying they smile flirtatiously when they see someone they fancy.

On further investigation by mx Data and One Poll, nearly half (47 per cent) of London's commuters see someone they fancy on the tube at least once a week.