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It turns out there's a stock of the machines waiting in a warehouse and Kathy has just opened, in South-West London, the first dedicated electromagnetic clinic in the UK, where she aims to give treatments and sell some Bemers to other would-be therapists. Further questioning reveals the machine was invented by one Dr Wolf Kafka, of the Max Planck Institute, somewhere in Germany, who was a world expert in emphyspace. In the space of a few minutes, then, it has become clear that although she is operating from a nice, smart treatment room, Kathy is neither a scientist, a doctor, a physiotherapist nor any other diploma-holding professional. 'I'm just a lay person who has discovered a serious interest in health and well-being,' she says.'The great thing about the machine,' Kathy explains, 'is that it emits a pulse which is actually just below that of the earth's own magnetic field.' Sounds intriguing. 'I don't have certificates, but I do know that this machine can help people.' According to the instruction manual, plus accompanying DVD, the magnetic workout raises oxygen levels in the blood by 15 per cent, and increases blood flow through the capillaries by 12 per cent, improving circulation and promoting the body's own preventative and self-healing mechanisms.After a year with no ferry in 2015, new operators Highland Ferries were awarded the ferry contract and re-commenced the regular service between Cromarty and Nigg with the Renfrew Rose running from June to September, from a.m. daily, offering once again a direct route North from the Black Isle.Cromarty is architecturally important for its Georgian merchant houses that stand within a townscape of Georgian and Victorian fisherman's cottages in the local vernacular style.Looking at the long list of ailments which the machine in front of me is meant to relieve, you feel like a diner in a restaurant, wondering which dish to order.Should you go for the stress or the skin disorders? For the back pain, the knee pain or the poor circulation?

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It is an outstanding example of an 18th/19th century burgh, "the jewel in the crown of Scottish Vernacular Architecture".

The thatched house with crow-stepped gables in Church Street, in which the geologist Hugh Miller was born (in 1801), still stands, and a statue has been erected to his memory.

63 - Letchworth, Hertfordshire Retired early, enjoying life, but seek lady to share common interests.

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I'd describe myself as an easy-going person, kind, generous, loving, with a GSOH, happy with outdoor pursuits or...The Bemer 3000 Magnetic Therapy Machine promises to help all of them.That's not to mention arthritis, asthma, gout, osteoporosis, stroke rehabilitation, open wounds, infertility, multiple sclerosis and tinnitus - a menu of ailments so extensive you can't help wondering if you're actually being served up prime loin of codswallop, on a bed of humbug.The name Cromarty variously derives from the Gaelic crom (crooked), and from bati (bay), or from àrd (height), meaning either the "crooked bay", or the "bend between the heights" (referring to the high rocks, or Sutors, which guard the entrance to the Firth), and gave the title to the Earldom of Cromartie. The town grew around its port, formerly used by ferries, to export locally-grown hemp fibre, and by trawlers trawling for herrings.