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WATERBURY, CT—Reflecting wistfully on what he might have made of himself had he chosen a different profession, Dynatrend Solutions network engineer Alan Miller said Wednesday that he would be a systems manager if he had the chance to go back and do it all over again.

CARSON CITY, MI—Nearly a week after the dishes vanished from the kitchen cabinets, authorities reported Wednesday that a collection of missing plates and glasses were found filthy but safe in roommate Brian Massoud’s room.

She also has a personal community outreach program called Science Exploration for Kids (SE4K), which features interactive science activities, and math and science tutoring for children scholars grades 6-11. She’s African American model, and she likes to call herself Black Hannah Montana.

Friends call her Black Barbie, but it doesn’t matter how you call her – she is just astonishingly beautiful!

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[Intro] Cos I've been sitting back, no chance of falling, hoping that nothing ever blows (no, no) Boy, did you ever think that loving would be nothing more than walking me home?

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[Verse 1] But you're knock knock knoking again, boy Whoa oh, couldn't be good enough, Gonna keep you waiting Knock knock knocking again, boy Whoa oh, get your sugar Rush and do a little chasing [Chorus] [Verse 2] From top to bottom, I'm the woman sunshine He knows that reason will believe in my side [Verse 3] I give you nothing 'til you show me Something, something, something Cos damn good loving's what I'm really Wanting, wanting, wanting [Bridge] I can't deny the way my d-d-dirty mind is saying "Lover, come and get me!

NEW YORK—Realizing too late the grave mistake he had made while absentmindedly running through bids during an estate sale, skilled Sotheby’s auctioneer Malcolm Carpio accidentally sold himself for .5 million, sources confirmed Friday.

But, apart of being a beautiful woman, she is also working as a nuclear scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

MONTAUK, NY—Badly shaken by what he had just witnessed, local boy Peter Danielson, 12, expressed shock Monday after a brief glimpse of his father’s toenails offered a terrifying vision of his future.

PEORIA, IL—Wildly speculating about the tantalizing pleasures awaiting just out of reach, sleepover guests at the Rudder household reportedly could only wonder Friday what mysterious delights lie tucked inside the off-limits upstairs room.Sans oublier de raconter qu'elle n'hésiterait pas à passer sous le bureau du patron pour avoir une bonne promotion.Les 10 plus belles photos de Luna Stevens Dans la vraie vie, Luna Stevens est en couple (désolé messieurs) avec le footballeur du KRC Genk Sandy Walsh, avec qui elle s'affiche régulièrement sur les réseaux sociaux.LAYTON, UT—Certain it was all that was holding her back from finding the man of her dreams, area mom Janet Kessler told reporters Thursday that she was convinced her 30-year-old daughter Meredith would be married by now if she just brushed her hair more.